Angela K. Love, MBA Founder/Owner

Angela K. Love, MBA


Understanding personal finance is one skill the majority of people will need to possess throughout their lifetime.  If most people are like me, they did not get a strong personal financial education in elementary or secondary school.  Throughout my high school and college years, I struggled with knowing how to manage my finances.  I did not know how to create or follow a budget, write a check, or balance and reconcile a checking account.  Loan terms, debt, and all things finance were a mystery.  Many teens and young adults are entering their adult lives with little to no financial knowledge, let alone having a plan as to how they will navigate their financial path.  

Knowledge about finances is important for small business owners or those seeking to start a small business, too.  Many people with an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset enter the small business world without the solid foundation of financial understanding or a comprehensive business plan. 

Knowing the basics of finances can go a long way to lessening the headaches of managing personal and business finances.  I work hard to increase financial literacy among youth, adults, and small businesses by creating educational resources.  

~ Angela Love