Trends in Home-Based Businesses

Many people want to work from home, but discovering how or what to do can be difficult.  The entry into photography or certain consultant type jobs is difficult.  More and more companies are letting employees work from home, but finding those opportunities are rare.  Most people think of a typical home-based business list consisting of financial consulting, personal trainer, bookkeeping, and tutoring to name a few. 

Numerous direct marketing companies have popped up over the past few years.  You have probably heard of them, or you may be a consultant for one of them.  The most popular companies that I see on my Facebook feed are LuLuRoe; Arbonne; Younique; Rodan + Fields; Isagenix is just a few.  However, according to Business For Home, none of those made the top five on their top 100 list Top 100 Global Direct Selling Companies 2015.

It came as a surprise, though, to learn that there are some home-based businesses that are rather popular that I haven’t heard of or that occurred to me.  (Not that I know all things about home-based businesses because I don’t.)  There are many women who are capitalizing on her skills and creating home-based businesses that offer virtual assistance filling the role of an executive assistant.  Others offer professional proof for books, which is in demand with the ease and influx of self-published books.  Also, there are business coaches, mommy coaches, mindset coaches, branding experts, marketing experts, and the list goes on. 

All Business has an article that lists The Top 25 Home-Based Business Ideas, which is full of ideas.  A lot of the ideas are appealing, some like Repossession Services not so much.  At least for me!  The trend toward creating a home-based business offering consulting or virtual assistance is appealing to both entrepreneurs and companies.  Companies can hire by the project or task, decreasing their wage expense, while entrepreneurs can work as much or as little as they desire.  More flexibility and working for several companies has meant more income for some small business owners.

Many who vision working from home and having their own business continue their full-time job while they get their home-based business going.  If you have been looking for an idea for a home-based business, consider your skills, experience, and education.  You may be able to capitalize on them and start your own business!