Staying Financially Organized with Christmas Shopping

While the holidays occurred every year at the same time, they still seem to creep up on us.  Sometimes, we get into a panic to get everything ready, which includes buying gifts.  Managing finances during the holidays can be overwhelming when we feel rushed.  Shopping for gifts for friends and family for Christmas is fueled by an emotional high brought on by the excitement expressed in retail decorations, music, and traditions. 

            Perhaps you have set aside a budgeted amount for all gifts?  But, what is the best way to manage those funds to get gifts for everyone on your list?  Have you ever accidentally purchased more than one gift for a person because you forgot your already purchased a gift?  I have.  The holidays with the least stress is when I have organized my gift buying and giving. 

            Our newest freebie is an Excel Workbook called Christmas Shopping Budget List.  It has six worksheets not including the Instructions worksheet.  The first four worksheets are for listing gifts for your family members, friends, coworkers, and others.  Others would include gifts for individuals such as your kid's teachers and friends, etc.  

            Each worksheet has a place to list the person's name; the budget limit for their gift; gift idea; store where gift is located; any sales; if you have a coupon; and, to check off it's bought.  The fifth worksheet, Total Budget, has a column for you to list the total amount you plan to spend in each category.  As you list someone in each worksheet and the gift limit, a total will automatically calculate at the bottom of the page.  That total will also be entered into the Total Budget worksheet.  The difference between your plan budget and your what you put as your limit is automatically calculated.  The sixth worksheet, Gift Ideas, is a list of links for handmade gift ideas. 

            The Workbook is located in the freebie section on our website.  Take a look at it and let us know what you think!