Does Missing Debt Payments Improve Your Credit Score?

Mike Brown of LendEDU shared the results from the survey Millennials & Credit Cards Survey & Report conducted by the company.  500 millennials were asked various questions regarding credit cards.  The results were remarkable and support my ideology that financial education should start in elementary school and continue every year through kid’s senior year in high school.

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What to Do About the Equifax Breach

Equifax announced last week a data breach involving potentially 143 million consumers occurred on July 29.  Louis Basenese states in his article, How to Survive the Equifax Hack, Equifax may have known of the hack as early as May.  It’s unclear why we are just now finding out about this in September just ahead of Hurricane Irma news, but it’s done.  Now, it’s time to determine the best ways to protect oneself against a month-old, or longer, breach.  In other words, the breach has a lengthy head start on whatever havoc it will render.

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The History of Cash

Trading, also known as bartering, dates back to the beginning of time.  Initially, money in the form of coins and paper did not exist.  When a person needed or wanted something, they would trade something they owned or a service they knew how to do to get it.  Sometimes people would trade gold or silver to obtain what they needed.  For example, gold or silver might have been traded for livestock.  Different objects were valuable to different people.   

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Preparing Teens to Manage Finances During College

College is a time when most kids have one foot out the door toward independence.  Once they graduate college, and obtain their first job, the hope is they will move out and become financially independent.  One way to help them toward that goal is to begin preparing them before they enter their college years.  The following list will get you started to that end; although, the list is not exhaustive.  You may discover other financial areas where they need guidance and training.

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Don’t Expect a Pay Increase to Fix Financial Woes

Many people find themselves spending more than they make each month.  According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), 60% of Americans spend all or more than they earn.  In the past few years, there was a discussion about raising the minimum from $10 to $15 an hour, a 50% increase.  The argued justification for a minimum wage increase significantly higher than the rate of inflation is that companies make huge profits and can absorb the costs.  The reality is quite different, however.

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Your Leadership Style and Financial Attitude

Would you prefer to listen to a podcast on this topic?  Financial Beeswax’s Episode 11 discusses how your leadership style is expressed in your attitude toward personal finances.  

Leadership is a popular topic these days.  The study of leadership began in earnest in the late 1900s and early 2000s.  Now, many colleges offer various degrees in leadership.  Interestingly, many people view leadership as a positive characteristic even though there are many examples of coercive leaders throughout history.  Recently, I took an Organizational Leadership course in my doctoral program.  It fascinated me that the definition of leadership is still hotly debated.

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Avoiding Financial Pitfalls

Would you prefer to listen to a podcast on this topic?  Financial Beeswax’s Episode 10 discusses how to avoid financial pitfalls.  

Many people find themselves experiencing the undesired effects of financial pitfalls.  One way to avoid financial pitfalls is to know about them.  This article certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but it covers a lot of them.

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The Spendy Life of Coupons

Would you prefer to listen to a podcast on this topic?  Financial Beeswax’s Episode 8 discusses whether money is saved or not with coupons.  

Parts of this blog article were published on August 11, 2016.  We thought it would be a great topic for our podcast, Financial Beeswax.  Do people save money with coupons or is it a ruse by companies to get consumers to spend more? 

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Saving Money While Traveling Stateside

Would you prefer to listen to a podcast on this topic?  This week's Financial Beeswax Saving Money While Traveling Stateside - Episode 7 discusses the same topic.

        This blog is focused on ways to save money while traveling stateside; however, stay tuned for our blog and podcast discussing ways to save money traveling internationally in late June. 

There are a lot of ways to save money when traveling stateside.  Due to PAFS participating as exhibitors at conventions, we travel by vehicle to haul the displays and products we have at our booths.  Our experience traveling on the road has taught us many ways to save.

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Creating a Budget

Would you prefer to listen to a podcast on this topic?  This week's Financial Beeswax episode discusses Creating a Budget.  

Creating a budget can seem overwhelming.  You may wonder how do we start?  What categories should we use? How much should we allocate to each category?  The following are some steps to get you started.

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