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My First Budget Planning

My First Budget Planning


MY FIRST BUDGET PLANNER teaches budgeting skills to kids by giving them a hands-on experience.  Kids get a chance to learn how to create and maintain a budget at a young age, building healthy financial habits for the future.  This planner is ideal for kids in 1st through 5th grade. 

 How to Use This Planner:

  • Kids use their allowance or money from jobs to create a budget.
  • iving and savings are encouraged.
  • Transactions are entered into the weekly transaction record.
  • Non-monetary giving and savings encouraged on a weekly basis.
  • Basic financial terms are learned.

Key Features:

  • Enough transaction pages to record 52 weeks of transactions.
  • Kids learn about non-monetary giving and savings.
  • 15 budget planning sheets are provided to encourage a budget review every four weeks.
  • 140 Page

1st through 5th Grade

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