personal financial audit

Many individuals and couples create budgets, but experience increased costs due to lack of proper planning and organization.  The Personal Financial Audit helps users review all facets of their finances; evaluate expenses and accounts; identify issues such as overpayments and high fees; and, gather and locate all financial information in one, easy to use workbook.   

Conducting a personal financial audit can be tedious and create questions, and Angela will mentor you through the process.  Upon completion of a Personal Financial Audit, users can create an accurate personal budget with confidence!

Cost: $99
Cost includes two, one-hour mentoring sessions with Angela and materials.

personal budgeting

Angela believes personal budgets should be customized to fit the user.  One-size-fits-all budgets typically fail.  Angela provides a holistic approach, identifying the areas of strengths and weaknesses for each individual and couple to help them align their personal budget to their goals and daily living habits.  

Understanding how various areas of finance correlate to each other is one aspect of increasing budgeting success.  Angela teaches financial terms and concepts throughout the budgeting process to lessen the fear of the unknown.

Cost: $199
Cost includes the Personal Financial Audit and four one-hour mentoring sessions and materials.

Business plans

Creating a business plan is in itself a creative practice.  It requires vision, strategic structuring, and in many ways, a call to action by others.  Creating a business plan for a new venture is profoundly personal.  That’s why Angela offers mentoring to help entrepreneurs create a business plan unique to their goals, objectives, and industry of interest while also being structured to a lender's preference.

Cost: $349
Cost includes five, one-hour mentoring sessions and materials.

Additional one-hour mentoring sessions can be purchased for $35 per session.

business opportunity valuations

The availability of business opportunities (i.e., business purchase without real estate) is a thriving marketplace, and many entrepreneurs do not understand how to evaluate such opportunities.  Angela demystifies company financials explaining the net operating income (NOI), operational expenses, strengths, weaknesses, and the industry CAP rate compared to the business opportunity CAP rate.

Cost: $449
Cost includes a business valuation report and two, one-hour mentoring session.  Client is responsible for gathering required documents from seller and making them available to Angela to complete business valuation report. 

CREDIT ANALYSIS and Annual Reviews

Many financial institutions go through periods of needing a credit analyst to write credit memos and perform annual reviews for commercial loans.  Angela has the necessary training and tools to provide underwriting services.  

Cost: $50 per hour
Total cost quoted after reviewing scope of work.